Sermon Series: Hitched

Sermon Series: The End

Sermon Series: Freedom

Sermon: Married to Another (10th September)

Sermon: A Sweet Smelling Saint (3rd September)

Sermon: One Thing I Know (27th August)

Sermon: Find Your Place in Your Place (20th August)

Sermon: All We Like Sheep (13th August)

Sermon Series: Stories 

Sermon: Divine Direction (25th June)

Sermon: Dressed and In Your Right Mind (18th June)

Sermon: Let That River Flow (11th June)

Sermon: That They Might Receive (4th June)

Sermon: Better Than Poitín (28th May)

Sermon: Keep On Looking (21st May)

Sermon: Living Water and Victory (14th May)

Sermon: From Confusion to Joy (7th May)