Stormproof your life.

Matthew the gospel writer, beginning at chapter 5 : 1 recites a large volume of the “ sayings of Jesus” . Words of wisdom from the one who is wisdom itself. Matthew records that the people were amazed at what He taught them, because His words had the sound of authority, not like others who had spoken. Truth always has a way of resonating with the deepest part of our being, we just know, that we have heard something of worth and which has inherent value to us.

Matthew records Jesus saying such things as;

Blessed are the poor

Blessed are gentle , and those who mourn.

Blessed are those who seek for truth, the peacemakers, the persecuted.

Of those people Jesus said “ you are the salt of the earth”. The ones who will live to make a difference, because you live to a higher ideal a more noble ideal. You have stopped running the “ rat race” and your code is not “ every man for himself” or “ dog eat dog” . You bring hope and life where there is death and despair, and you bring love where there is hate. You live by the understanding that the message of the gospel is about an inward change of heart and not just an outward change of behaviour, because the former will cause the latter but the latter will never cause the former.

But it’s no use just hearing , Jesus said “ if you hear my words and act on them”, then you are like a wise man who builds on a rock. The opposite is also true, unapplied knowledge is never productive , Jesus its like building on sand. The storms of life, which always come, will test the best of buildings and those but on sand will fall.

Build on the foundation of Jesus this year, if necessary tear down what you have built and start again. Build like a wise man.

Posted on January 23, 2019 .