What to pray for

Continuing on prayer, here are some things we should pray for.

Pray that God's name be honoured and hallowed everywhere

Pray that God's Kingdom come

Pray that Jesus comes . Revelation 22 "even so Lord come"

Pray that God's will be done on earth.

Pray that God revives the church Psalm 85:6

Pray that God puts labourers into the harvest field.

Pray that your sins be forgiven.    Ezekiel 37:36" I will yet be enquired of".

Pray for spiritual cleansing.  Psalm 15Psalm 51

Pray for God to sanctify you by His word.

Pray that God keeps you from evil.  Psalm 141:3

Pray for wisdom Psalm 119 :18

Pray for the Gift of the Holy SpiritLuke 11:13   " will I not give the Holy Spirit"

Pray for all your needs.    Phil 4:6" in nothing be anxious but in prayer make your request known"

Posted on January 29, 2016 .