The Power of Prayer

As we ended 2015 and welcomed 2016 in awesome worship, we felt a deep call to focus on prayer in 2016. Having moved in that direction , from all over Ireland and other nations it became clear that everyone was sensing in a very real way the need to return to biblical prayer and fasting.  Surely God is seeking for us to return to the quiet simplicity of devotional life, where He can speak into our hearts those things which "are to come". Daniel in his day " sought to understand" and if ever there was a time when we need to understand and discern what is happening in the world both politically and spiritually it is now. The understanding we seek , comes when we focus on God and on the His covenant , who is Christ. Once our eyes return to Jesus our hearts cease being troubled by what we see and hear , and we will sing " it is well with my soul" and cry out " even so Lord Jesus come". 

I encourage you to pray, both alone and with others. We meet for prayer at 7 pm on Monday and if you have no home church to pray at or would just like to join us you are welcome. 

Posted on January 27, 2016 .