" With the Holy Ghost and Fire"

Well the first quarter of the year has passed and we have just celebrated the moment in history at which Jesus having fulfilled the total requirement of all of the Law, reconciled us to the father in his death, and declared that the New Covenant was complete and signified as such by His resurrection from the dead.

Jesus  promised to the disciples following His death and resurrection that He would go and as an equal to The Father would ask that the Holy Spirit be sent. 50 days after the Passover , Jesus having ascended to the Father and having sat down at His right hand fulfilled that promise.

Over the next six Wednesdays leading up to Pentecost Sunday we are going to study and explore what the bible says about the Holy Spirit and His importance to every believer today.  Over the next six weeks I am praying that we can all come to a deeper understanding of the working of the Holy Spirit.  Writing on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit the late Harold Horton a gifted and spiritual leader referred to this subject as " A challenge to whole-hearted seekers of God".

Why not schedule in the next six weeks of Wednesdays and join us from 6;30 to 8 at our Café Style Church as we together study for this wonderful gift from Jesus.

Pastor Paul

Posted on April 9, 2015 .