A Man Such As This

Before we get into the substance of Paul's teaching in Romans 8 , let us look to the origin of the message title. This comes not from Romans but from Genesis 41 .   Here we read the account of the life of the first son born to Jacob and Rachel. A son born in the lineage of Abraham , and in many aspects clearly typological depiction of Jesus. A child born to be the deliverer of his people yet rejected by his own, wrongly accused despised and yet displays grace to them in time of need.  Joseph the dreamer , Joseph the despised lived to see the day when both his parents and his brothers bowed to him just as the vision had said, and there comes a day when " every knee shall bow" to Christ, both Jew and gentile.

At the turning point of the story as Joseph is brought out of prison, Pharaoh has had two disturbiing dreams. In the first he saw 7 fat cows come out of the Nile only to quickly be consummed by 7 thin cows. In the second dream 7 good ears of corn are similarly consumed by seven that are" blasted by the wind".  In his disturbance Pharaoh looked for someone to interpret his dreams and to show him what to do, but found that none of his advisors could help.

Joseph forgotten by many was taken from prison and presented to Pharaoah and not only interpreted the dreams but gave direction as to how to use the information to bring deleiverance to Egypt. In essence he brings that revelation that opens up the situation but brings with it salvation, just as Jesus is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit bringing conviction of sin yet at the same time a grace that is sufficient.

In Joseph story this instructs Pharaoh to " put a wise man over the affairs of the land", to which Pharaoh asks " Can we find such a man as this, a man in whom is the Spirit of God".  Of course his answer stood before him in Joseph. We praise God that when our hearts need a saviour Jesus stood waiting for us. When we fell under conviction of sin and in our own different ways cried " where can we find such a man", Jesus stepped in and became to us all we need.

John 3: 34 tells us the Holy Spirit was not measured out to Chirst but given fully and without measure. In the Jordan the Holy Spirit descended like a dove and filled Jesus to every fibre of his being. Filled every word spoken every action taken.

Acts 10:38   says   " God annointed Jesus of Nazarteh with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him."

Jesus was such a man , a man filled with the spirit and He promised you and I that if we " believed"   out of our bellies would flow rivers of living waters . Not trickles or not dribbles but rivers.  He recieved without measure and He gives without measure.

Posted on February 24, 2015 .