Our Values

We value being connected to God

Each of us, are created by God in His image! True meaning in life is found by walking in faith, where we have the awesome privilege of being in an open and dynamic relationship with God, through Jesus His son. This open connection with God is valued highly by us, we have an intimate and vibrant relationship with a living God. Every event whether its our Sunday Services or a social evening is centered on this truth that God is with us ,that He loves us and cares for every detail no matter how small.


We value being connected to each other

At The Bridge you will find real people, and real people need connection. We believe that you will find a genuine welcome regardless of who or where you are from and a true expression of Jesus commandment to "Love one another". We are from diverse cultural backgrounds, but there is respect for all. We do however love each other enough to be robust in our expression of what is true and what is biblical


We value being connected with servant ministry

Jesus greatest example to us is His heart to serve, the bible says that “He took on the form of a servant”. At The Bridge we actively encourage everyone to participate in the life of the church. We have teams serving in the areas of children’s ministry, ushers, greeters, youth, young adults and our worship team. We also have outreach and evangelism teams which minister to those in need. Get connected to the area that God is calling you to and you will enjoy a whole new life changing experience.


We value being connected with the local community and our world

Jesus tells us to be a light on a hill, and commissioned us to go and tell the world the good news of the gospel. We value our community and our world and seek to share the gospel with all that we can, seeking to show them the call of Jesus Christ to all men to follow Him. We do this by building relationships within our community by local events and sending teams on international missions trips across the world.